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See what our past clients have to say about Titeline Charters and Captain Billy Bucano, New Orleans' best fishing guide:

Billy was honest when we booked for a 4 day January 2002 trip. He said the fishing can be FANTASTIC! depending on the timing of cold fronts. He was absolutely right! My father in law and I had two great days of fishing with a lot of big specks and reds to show for it, and got to experience first hand how hard the winds blow on one of those fronts. He was flexible, educational, accommodating and great fun to fish with. I would highly recommend everyone to take the plunge and book a trip with Billy. We have fished Canada, the East US coast, and Alaska... and this trip was certainly the most memorable. Thanks for the experience, Billy....We'll be back!!!!
John Fraunfelter Pottstown, Pa.

It was my joy and pleasure to go on a fishing trip to Delacroix January 15 with Capt Billy Bucano. I had met him earlier when another fishing buddy of mine and I fished Delacroix for two days without much luck, and after coming in, we saw Capt Billy and his crew fileting a mound of speckled trout and redfish! In a week or two I called Capt Billy to charter a trip to learn the techniques of catching fish in the winter time. So on January 15, we made the trip--it was cold, the wind was 15-20 knots, and the tide was moving fast. Capt Billy was very patient with us four old-timers, and eventually we got the technique down and started catching fish. I have fished with several guides, but I found that Capt Billy is more patient, more accommodating, and more fun than the others. We are talking up another winter trip soon.

Aubry Brumfield Tylertown, Ms.

Billy is the man! My group of four fished with Billy the day after Thanksgiving 2001 in Delacroix Island Marsh. We fished for Specks and essentially hit the limit of 125. Not bad for a days work nor for a hearty meal that evening. And I must say, this was easily the best fishing trip I have had in the Gulf area, which probably includes 15 plus trips. Billy was extremely knowledgeable about the area and the hot spots and was attentive to the entire group's fishing needs. I highly recommend Billy and his services for anyone looking to do some true Louisiana fishing. Thanks Billy.

Brad Jancik Atlanta, GA

On my first trip with Capt. Billy we unexpectedly had 20 mile east winds. Capt. Billy found shelterd inside bayous and BIG REDS. He truly changed stratagy to "fish the conditoins" while teaching redfish habitat and stakling strategy all the while. On my second trip, heavy thunder storms threatend the trip. Instead of going out in Black Bay, Capt. Billy knew that we had a good chance of catching sow trout due to the full moon conditons and tides. We did just that!. The eight largest fish were in the 26" class and we had 35 additional fish in the 14" to 20" class. If you want to go on a charterd trip to learn fish habitat & strategy, book a trip with Captin Billy.

Jerry Lee

Capt. Billy Bucano!!!!

This guy is top notch, yes he is a very good guide too. We just finished bagging close to a 100# (my best guess) of speckled trout, redfish, and flounder. I can't say enough about this man and his boat. His web page and reports are what drew my attention to him and I can honestly say I made the best choice for us by booking with #1 Fishing Charters Reports, Tips & Guides. He worked very hard at a job that is not always easy to do, and that is CATCH FISH!! His knowledge of his chosen fishing area along with the habitats of the different fish he targets were impressive. If anyone is surfing fishing reports looking for a Charter Captain and is impressed by all of the reports about LIMITS LIMITS LIMITS, let me say, if we had caught a limit both days we would not have had freezer space to store the quality fish. Capt. Billy gave us the opportunity to push on to achive a limit on speckled trout by fishing under birds for school trout, but we were ready to do some redfishing. My son and I have logged a lot of fishing hours together this year, and we have won some bass tounaments here in Arkansas, but we were looking for a different experience and found just what we were looking for. My son is still talking about how strong that jack crevelle was. The people we met around Delacroix Island were so friendly and helpful, it was truly a great place to spend our vacation. If anyone out there is looking for a SOW TROUT EXPERIENCE try #1 Fishing Charters Reports, Tips & Guides with Capt. Billy. You won't regret it.

Don Brown Magnet Cove, AR. USA

It was a great to fish Delacroix Island with Capt. Billy Bucano earlier this week. It has been a number of years since I have been in this marsh. The first thing that I noticed was the grass. The second thing I noticed was the dedication of our captain to assure that the two youngsters had a good time. We had a great time picking up a good mess of specks, and Capt. Billy never complained when we missed half of the strikes. I actually think he enjoyed taking the time to teach the basics, set the hook, keep the slack out of your line, and keep rod tip up, and let the equipment do the work. He was an excellent tutor when my niece Ashley hooked up with a beautiful 10 pound redfish. Sorry Capt. Billy! I think Ashley enjoyed it more than you. I always felt that it takes a special person to fish with young anglers, and you are one of those people. With the incredible winds that we faced, we never had to face pounding seas or drenched clothing. Never was safety an issue and comfort was always first. Thank you for a wonderful trip and a good catch of specks and reds. Robert and Ashley can't wait for our next trip. I highly reccommend Capt. Billy and #1 Fishing Charters Reports, Tips & Guides for a family values outing.

Thank You!
Bill Bostick Monroe, La.

Dear Capt.Billy

You were the best! Our fishing trip was a little bit of heaven, especially for us who were new to the adventure. Besides being such an experienced guide, you were also a very patient teacher who shared willingly of your knowledge and skills. We were inded fortunate to have found you. And we hope that this is the first of many trips with you to come.

Annie, Janet Trapani-Hitt, Dina Rosetti-Hitt, and John Rosetti Bay St. Louis, Ms. mabec@intunet.com

Capt. Billy

Thank you for taking me out on your scouting trip. If you can catch fish under the weather conditions we caught fish I would love to go fishing with you under good conditions.

To anyone planning a Charter Fishing trip to South East Louisiana, you cannot find a better Captain than Billy at #1 Fishing Charters Reports, Tips & Guides. This guy can provide you with a memorable fishing trip even under poor fishing conditions. His knowledge and understanding of the Black Bay area and the surrounding marsh is phenomenal to say the least. He is also fun to be around and is not afraid to share his knowledge of the area or the tricks he knows with his customers.

It is with the highest regard that I offer this letter of recommendation on behalf of Captain Billy of #1 Fishing Charters Reports, Tips & Guides.

If you would like to contact me directly, please feel free. I can be reached via email at butch@safeinternetbusiness.com. It would be my pleasure to talk with you about Capt. Billy!

Sincerely, Harold "Butch" Pujol Founder of Safe Internet Business Solutions

Fishing in Delacroix....We had always heard it was the place to go for specks and redfish. Capt. Billy and #1 Fishing Charters Reports, Tips & Guides proved it was true. We had a great time, in spite of the wind! 63 specks and red fish later, we returned home searching our calendar for another opportunity to slip away on board Capt. Billy's boat for a great time of fishing! If you're looking for an enjoyable and productive fishing trip... call Titeline Charters!

Thomas & Teresa Baum
Thomas Baum Catering
Hurley, Mississippi

For you folks that appeciate a Captain-Teacher, I had great time with Billy. What makes this guy special is that he teaches technique while you fish. You know the 80/20 rule? I've learned over the years that it applies to fishing: 80% of the fish are caught by 20% of the fishermen - and the reason for this comes down to a knowledge-base of the area that you fish and the technique that you use to catch them. Billy knows the waters, knows the habits of the fish, and has an inventory of techniques that he wants to pass on. This made my trip with him as enjoyable as actually catching the fish - and we caught a chest full of whopper-size trout. In fact, we caught more poundage of trout than on any trip that I've been on, and I typically fish about twice a month. But for me, learning technique and learning the area was worth the trip alone. The fish were an extra bonus.

Steve Hudson, President
AllpaxProducts, Inc. Covington, LA

Dear Captain Billy,

I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous time my husband and I had while fishing with #1 Fishing Charters Reports, Tips & Guides. The captain who took us out (David) was simply fabulous!! He was very patient in helping us to properly bait our hooks, cast and reel in the big ones! And there were some BIG ones, I must say!

The knowledge of the local waters and how the different types of fish respond to various baits and methods truly helped us to land some good catches. We had a wonderful time and the meal we had afterwards was just awesome!

I know that if we ever return to your area, we will certainly want to use your services again.

Thanks for the fun and for making our vacation a big splash!!

Karon Thackston
President of KT & Associates

Elgin, South Carolina

Dear Captain Billy,

I can't even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our fishing adventure with #1 Fishing Charters Reports, Tips & Guides. We live in the southwest US where there are very few water bodies and it is a challenge to catch a fish, much less a good sized fish. When Captain Dave took us out on the boat on Delacroix Island, we really didn't know what to expect. What a thrill it was for us to catch fish - and BIG fish! Our trip was enhanced by the learning experience that came with it, as Captain Dave enthusiastically shared his knowledge of the waters, the fish, and fishing techniques with us. It was truly a trip we will never forget, and hope to experience again with your company in the future.

Viki Nygaard
President of mountevansdesigns

Even though fronts were moving through and the wind became very high, Billy was able to get us into fish when others were coming back to the dock empty handed. We got forty three trout, three reds and six sheep head. I'd never tried sheeps head but he knew how to clean them and as he said, they were great to eat, despite what I'd been told by others. Captain Billy was amiable and productive. We had a great trip and I can recommend that other try #1 Fishing Charters Reports, Tips & Guides. Sincerely,

Steve Andrews SWACO New Orleans Representative
Tel: 504-527-6490 Dir: 504-561-6355 Cell: 504-451-8709

Hey Billy (feel free to post this) We got home fine, and early too since we loaded the boat with trout so soon in the day. This was my fourth trip with you this year and we just keep on catching fish don't we? I can't wait to fire up the skillet. My wife is wanting a return trip and so are some of my buddies. I hope you continue to have an outstanding Fall in the marsh, and thanks for another great trip.

Jimmy Creekmore Jackson, Ms.

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